Retailers are able to purchase directly from Wicked Cushion without brokerage commission or wholesaler mark-up. The DTR Case package contains 48 display boxes, each with 10 packets of Wicked Energy Gum.


  • Wicked Energy Gum is a fast-acting functional chewing gum that helps to deliver a boost of energy when you need it most! Our special formula can also help to increase focus and is sugar free and calorie free! The best news is that the per piece cost less than a cup of coffee!


    What is “functional” gum? Well it is pretty much what it sounds like. It is gum that provides a function. Such as; a boost of energy or helping you to be more alert.


    What functional gum is not, is a confection. Wicked Energy Gum is not a sugary sweet chewing gum. Wicked Energy Gum is an amazing fast-acting alternative to energy drinks. You get better energy boosting “function” without having to fill up on liquids and each piece is about half the cost of a cup of coffee!

  • Wicked Energy Gum is shipped by USPS.  FOB New York or Baltimore, MD.  Contact us if you wish to use your preferred carrier service.